Friday, November 28, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday (Two Days Late)

Hey guys!

Hope everyone (that celebrates) had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I know I did! I love making plans.... because then I break them, and wonder why I tried in the first place... lol. But at least I kept it in mind! And honestly, I didn't do too bad. I had turkey and deviled eggs, stuffing (regular, just a little bit), roasted potatoes (just a little), real potato salad (mom made me feel bad, and I had a moment of weakness), and green bean casserole (not terrible carb-wise). All in all, I could have definitely made better choices, but you know what? I decided that it would only be one day, and I got right back on plan today. 

That is the amazing thing about knowing what you want to do with your goals... you can keep yourself in check just a bit better.

As for goals:

Blog: 2 times to get back into the swing of things. (I did this, but also missed my Wednesday update... but dang it, I wasn't home hardly at all that day.)
Vlog: Film 3 videos, and post at least twice a week. You can check out my YouTube channel here! (I did better! I actually filmed 5 videos, but lost one... figured out my mistake, so I won't do that again. I think I only posted 1 though. I know I can do better this week.)
Book: I really miss reading! I need to start a new book. (Not only did I get halfway through the book, I finished it!! I think I had it finished by Sunday actually! Jason and I had a rare day where we just sat and read in quiet. Loved it! *New Goal: Start a new book and get at least 6 chapters read.
 Diet: No more cheating, back on track. Track with MFP at least 4 days this week.(I have decided to remove this from my goals. As I said last week, I just don't keep up with it like I should. I will come up with something else though, for this area)
Fitness: Try to get 8000 steps a day, even on my off days. (Failed... On my days off, it's either been really way to cold to move around, or I've been extremely busy. I will try better this week.)

Wednesday Weigh-In: 165.8 
While I'm not happy at all with this weight, I am not truly at fault for this. First of all, it was before Thanksgiving, and I didn't cheat once. Second, I hurt my back really bad at work on Saturday, and had to take a steroid. It made my weight change within 2 days. Also made me sick as hell, so I quit taking it. I'm sure the weight will even out again soon. 

So, what with my one day of Thanksgiving madness out of the way, I'm hoping to be better behaved for the rest of the week. We will see what happens to my weight then.

Hope you all have a great week!

P.S. Guess what I found at my Dollar Tree?? So excited!

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