Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coffee or Tea? (Or both??)

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There are so many people who prefer coffee over tea, and vice versa. But personally? I think they both have a place in your diet, hell, just in your life. Forget diet. If you want to see how awesome it is, you can check herehere, here, and here. So we know that tea and coffee is awesome. Which is my favorite? 

Actually, both. They both have their place in my life. In the morning, I love to have a cup of coffee before work. Gives me the boost of energy I need at 4 am (who wouldn't need a boost of energy at 4am? Seriously). And then I drink tea and water through out the rest of the day. Honestly, more tea than water... but tea is made from water, so.........

When I have my coffee, I drink it with heavy whipping cream and sugar free syrup. I wouldn't drink it if it actually tasted like coffee, eww gross. My tea, I drink iced with splenda in it. Please, I know what you might say... Splenda is bad, blah blah blah... no worse than that Diet Coke you are chugging... Sorry. 

So which do you prefer? How do you drink it? Hot, cold, or somewhere in between? Do you doctor it up with syrups and creams, or are you a purist when it comes to your drink?


  1. I cannot drink coffee... the closest I have ever come was mixing a packet of hot coco with like maybe an 1/8 of a cup of coffee and 2 cups of milk and sugar....I LOVE tea though! I drink 2-5 cups of tea a day!

    1. I used to hate coffee, but I've come to accept it as a part of my daily life now. I could never drink it black though, it must be heavily doctored lol