Friday, January 2, 2015

Oh What a Year!

What a year this has been, huh? I went back and read some of the posts from the beginning of 2014, and while I didn't really achieve all the goals I wanted to, I also came so much farther than I ever thought I would. Honestly, I figured I would give up after Easter, when I pretty much hit "rock bottom." But, instead of throwing in the towel, I actually started trying (what a concept, huh?) and started slowly losing weight. Then I started my LCHF diet and actually started losing some serious weight. 

I don't know if I mentioned it on the blog, but I started doing this "Carb Nite Solution" during the summer, and (while it works for some) it completely frakked up everything I had accomplished. I had gotten down to 169.8 in July, and was so excited to be in the 160's. Guess what? Starting with the CNS, I stayed in the 160's as I made one bad decision after another. It was always just a little cheat here, or a little nibble there (ok... a big nibbles) and while it was never enough to make me gain, I sure as shit wasn't losing either. So in December, after all my attempts to be good during the holidays were smashed down with the invisible hammer of temptation, I just gave up for the month. 

I posted on the first of December that I weighed 167.2. Keeping in mind, in July is when I first broke into the 160's, I knew I had to do something. So I didn't weigh for the whole month, I ate whatever the hell I wanted (i.e. candy, breads, potatoes.... carbage). I am happy to report, that through all of that, I came out yesterday to the scale and it was at 168.4. I can handle a 1.2 lb gain. I'm okay with that, really. I have been floating up and down within the same 5 lbs for months... so it was no big deal, and I kinda enjoyed myself over the holidays. I will say this though, my acne came back, I got an ulcer, and I was tired all the time. So, while I enjoyed eating the things I hadn't eaten in a long while, I also payed for it. Dearly.

But! For the year, I lost 22.8 lbs, and about 25 inches from all over. I would say that's not bad since I almost quit. :D

So! Now I'm back on track, and ready to start the next adventure. I joined an unofficial Diet bet (basically you don't have to pay any money, because I'm a broke bitch), where basically you try to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. Now, if you do a real Diet Bet, you put money on the line. If you win, you stand to gain some cash. If you don't then you lose it. I don't have money to lose! That's why I'm doing a free one lol.

So! Here's to a new year, with new(ish) goals! Hope you all have a great year too!