Saturday, April 26, 2014

An extension, if you will!

"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say."

So, my awesome ladies over at Shrinking Jeans Accountability group have joined together to do a walking challenge, and someone postulated that we could see how far we get in the month of May. I love this idea, as I've gotten more into walking. My plan may constantly change (freaking ADHD) but the goal has always been to get off the rumpus and get out the door.

Well, I decided to expand on the Mileage May challenge... When I was much younger, I had joined Weight Watchers (the first of many times) and I was really big on their message boards. There was this group that was focused on Middle Earth. I loved it! I forgot all about it when I quit, but it was a great experience, and kept me motivated for some time.

I wouldn't have even thought about it now, if it wasn't for Laura, who mentioned a Walking to Mordor group on My Fitness Pal. While I don't want to join yet another group, especially on a site that I'm not on often (but probably should be) I searched for alternatives. That's when I found this really really familiar site. It actually maps out how many miles it took to get around Middle Earth! I'm super excited! The first part of the trek takes you to Rivendell. 

(There are two websites that you can follow, the first is, which lines out allllllll the walking done by everyone during the entire trip. Or there's, which just lines out Frodo and Sam's walk.... which is what I will set out to do)

If you just follow Frodo and Sam's path then this is the mileage:

  • 458 miles: Go from Hobbiton to Rivendell.
  • 462 miles: Set out with the Fellowship from Rivendell, through Moria, to Lothlorien.
  • 389 miles: From Lothlorien, down the Anduin, to Rauros Falls.
  • 470 miles: Follow Frodo and Sam on the quest from Rauros to Mt. Doom.
  • 535 miles From Minas Tirith to Isengard
  • 693 miles From Isengard to Rivendell.
  • 397 miles From Rivendell to Bag End.
  • 467 miles: (bonus!) Follow Frodo to the Grey Havens and return home with Sam.
Following this path, you need to walk a total of 1779miles to get from Hobbiton to Mt. Doom. At which point you destroy the ring and get carried to Minas Tirith by giant Eagles. Then you’ll walk 1625 miles back to Bag End (and an additional 467 miles if you’re interested in doing a round trip to the Grey Havens).

Now I can't decide, do I factor in the miles I've already walked since I got serious last Monday, or do I start May 1st? Either way, it's going to take me a long time, which is fine. I'm excited to start this epic journey!

P.S. Nerd Fitness also has charts that you can plot your journey and keep track of where you are on your path!

Friday, April 25, 2014

OAR 5k Virtual Run/Walk

Click on the link for info

It's absolutely amazing what getting your ass into gear can get you! I'm a member of 2 groups on Facebook for Virtual Runs, although, I haven't been about to sign up for any yet, because I'm one of the lovely ones that get to live paycheck to paycheck. Well, there was a post about a OAR (Organization for Autism Research) Virtual Run, and since my son has "atypical autism" I thought this would be an excellent run to save money for. So I contacted the organizer, and asked if they would still be doing it by my next payday, which is next Friday. She contacted me back about 10 minutes later and told me that I had been sponsored and all I had to do was send her my info! I can't even believe it! I'm super excited, and as soon as I can, I will pay it forward.

I've been walking more, every night at work, because, even though I came up with the game plan of going to the cemetery, it hasn't been working out like I wanted... but I'm at work every day, and now they are MAKING us take breaks (which all we do is sit on our ass all night anyway, why do we need breaks?? but I digress). So rather than hit the evil vending machine, I've been walking around my building every night. I feel great for it too! It's becoming easier! I can't believe it... the first few nights were kinda rough, because there's one section that is up hill, but now? Fah-getttabout it! 

Except we totally WILL!

There's also a new Mileage May challenge with another one of my Facebook groups, with my most FAVORITE LADIES EVER!!! I can't wait to start that! Who knew I would be excited about fitness? Woo! Bring it on!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Never Give Up

Boy, it seems like every time I turn around, something is stalling me.... I mean, most of the time, it's of my own creation, but still! Before, you might remember, it was that I hadn't lost weight for a solid month. Now, it's family drama. PAH-LEASE!!! I said I was going to walk the 2.62, and I didn't... I got close, but I didn't. I could have though! I could have grabbed the boy child and headed to the park. I let my anger at another affect everything else around me, including my relationship with my husband, which is not a good thing!

So, while I was driving my long drive to work (3 mins...tee hee) I decided something. Fuck it. I'm not letting myself get in the way of my own success. So, at 1:30 this morning, I walked around my building (which is lock-up facility) twice. That was about a mile... I think my tracker on my phone glitched... I'm going to do RunKeeper on my next go out, which will be about 5 am. I usually work 4 days a week. Even if I do nothing else, I will get in almost (or at least) two miles a night, plus anything else I do during the day. I can handle that!

As for food... I'm still working on it. Portion control and candy seem to be my main problem. I always think the food is never enough... and as for candy... I have an insatiable sweet tooth. I'm working on it though. And that's all I can ask for :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eat less crap!

Oh jeez! So, I cooked easter dinner, and really, it wasn't that bad. I had a plan dammit. Ham, potato salad (just a little), deviled eggs (2) and a large salad. Sounds like a decent plan right? Like I even planned for a small sliver of cheesecake. Well, everything went pretty well, until the end. 

I had plans with my mother for today (Monday), she was going to help me out in a big way. But at the last minute, she decided not to help me. And I really really needed the help. So what did I do after I took her home? I was angry! I wanted to eat everything (Doesn't help I'm battling TOM)! So I took a hot bath to calm down... 

And it didn't help at all. I came out still angry. I grabbed a giant piece of cheesecake. Then, my mom had given me a basket with a ton of fun sized candy in it, so I ate a bunch of that too. Now I'm so ashamed. 

But! It's just one day. I'm not going to let it get to me! I plan on walking 2.62 miles today for #BostonStrong, and I plan on getting shit straight with what she would have helped me with... I'll  just have to figure it out on my own. Ugh.... whatever lol.

So I'm not going to let this get me down! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

About Frakin Time!

So, being accountable is apparently a good thing! Even with the Butterfinger incident yesterday, I tracked everything and moved on. I am so thankful for everyone being supportive. I know I need to exercise more, and I will... but just accounting for food has made the shift!

3/12: 187
3/19: 184.2
3/26: 184.2
4/2: 184.2
4/9: 184.2

Can you believe it!!! Oh that was such a long month! We are finishing up the last week of the Shrinking Jeans Group challenge, and I'm hoping I can say I lost at least 6 pounds by the end. That's a pound a week. Not exactly ideal, but hey, it's safe, and effective! So huzzah! 

I've been a little lazy today, because it is my day (night? you know) off, so I slept in, and it's been a while for me to be moving around... but I'll get around... do my walk. Maybe do some sit ups or something... I haven't done them in forever... so I don't know how successful I'll be lol


So I've done my squats, I've walked at least a mile today, and danced erratically like a loon in my kitchen while I made some bomb ass soup. When I was done, I sat impatiently waiting, while said bomb soup cooked and smelled amazing, and I found a Butterfinger in my work bag (don't ask what it was doing there... I don't remember it being there). Well... I was hungry.... so I started munching... and my son turns around and says "Mom! Are you eating candy before dinner?!" Oh the shame.... of course I had already finished it when he caught me, so I couldn't even stop what I was doing.

Well, I logged it, and I moved on. I walked a little longer than I would have and played with the dog, and called it good. I'm not going to let a candy bar get the best of me. But I will say this. I had a very interesting chat with a friend, and I have an addiction to candy. REAL candy. Sugar free won't cut it, won't curb it, won't stop the craving. So I think what I will do, when I'm really craving some candy, is get some fun size candy, instead of the full size (or king size... just saying).

Today was too cold to walk at the cemetery, but I heard tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. I will see if the hubby will walk with me, but if not, I will go by myself. I need to see what kind of distance we are talking with that trek. :)

See ya'll tomorrow... hopefully the scale won't say 184.2.... I'll even take higher at this point... I'm tired of that number for the last fraking month!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting a New Game Plan

Alright! After all the wonderful encouragement, and many people telling me not to quit (and one threatening to drive up and kick my ass.... you know you are lol) I have come up with a new game plan! There is a cemetery right by where I work... hang with me a second... I know this sounds morbid. But it's really hilly, and large, with lots of space to walk, and barely any traffic (so I don't have to worry about other "walkers" {lol... oh... I hope there are no Walking Dead walkers anyway}) and with the hills, there will definitely be a challenge for me. 

The arrows pointing up are actually going up hill. Can't wait!

Also, I'm really going to cut the junk food. Of course, I forgot to bring something tonight, but I will bring snacks to work and I will log absolutely everything that passes these lips. I need to be accountable for everything. I'm also going to start doing the squats again after using the restroom... That can get quite a few taken care of in a day lol!

I'm going to lighten up some recipes too, but I have to sneak it past the hubs, so he is unaware of what I'm doing... he's fully convinced that it won't taste good if it's not full of fat. Whatever. We will see about that! I plan on making soup from Scary's Kitchen tomorrow night and I can't wait to try it! I can't wait to see what else she comes up with :)

Talk to ya'll soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Motivation - Time x Frustration = Nothing

Maybe what I really wanted 
Was to prove that I could do things right.- Mulan

You know, I almost wrote this last night, which would have been a huge mistake. The title would have read something like "Frak this shit, I'm done!" and the body would have been much the same. I've had time to calmly reflect and think about what I want to say now, and I think it will be a little better... at least I hope. ;)

So, here's the breakdown. We've been in these challenge groups for 4 weeks. That's 4 weigh ins (they were actually unofficial, but it is something to keep us accountable to the group), and we've been keeping pretty good tabs with each other ever day through our group page. Adah has probably been my strongest supporter (whether she knows it or not). 

But I'm going to jump back just a little further... back back back to when I started this, started everything, around the first of the year. I started out at 191.2... I tried to follow the squat and push-up challenge, but quickly found out that I'm forgetful and couldn't remember to do it every day, no matter how hard I tried. I increased my activity, lowered the junk, quit soda, and while I struggled, I made it down to 187 by March 12... WTF? 4.2 pounds in 3 1/2 months??? Oh for fraks sake! 

So when Shrinking Jeans started their next challenge, I was all on board, thinking I would be better! I joined my group (enter Adah and the Ladies) and plotted with them to lose. Started the challenge on 3/12 at 187, and the following week I lost 2.4! Woo! On 3/19 I was at 184.2... I increased activity, lowered junk even more (occasional poker games and trips eating out though, but made up for it with exercise after), aaaannnnndddd nothing! I would fluctuate. I would even drop to 183 the day before weigh in... but come Wednesday? 184.2. Shit. Ok... so this is what it looked like (cause the text can be confusing):

3/12: 187
3/19: 184.2
3/26: 184.2
4/2: 184.2
4/9: 184.2

Ahhh! What is that??? I'm even walking MORE since the 3rd because Laura T. and Karen and I have a walking/biking mileage challenge, which I'm actually doing pretty well at! It's been a week and I've accomplished about 10 miles of the 50 mile challenge... more than I actually thought I would lol.

So what the actual fuck is up with my weight then? And don't give me the "maybe your body shape/measurements are changing" because I have measured every which way I can. Nothing has changed. I'm pretty pissed. Pretty despondent. I could eat my weight in hot wings or eat salad for a week straight... doesn't fraking matter. UGH! Any thoughts would be great right now...... Cause I'm just about done caring and close to accepting DUFF status (that's Designated Ugly Fat Friend if you didn't know). 

Thanks for letting me rant!