Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting a New Game Plan

Alright! After all the wonderful encouragement, and many people telling me not to quit (and one threatening to drive up and kick my ass.... you know you are lol) I have come up with a new game plan! There is a cemetery right by where I work... hang with me a second... I know this sounds morbid. But it's really hilly, and large, with lots of space to walk, and barely any traffic (so I don't have to worry about other "walkers" {lol... oh... I hope there are no Walking Dead walkers anyway}) and with the hills, there will definitely be a challenge for me. 

The arrows pointing up are actually going up hill. Can't wait!

Also, I'm really going to cut the junk food. Of course, I forgot to bring something tonight, but I will bring snacks to work and I will log absolutely everything that passes these lips. I need to be accountable for everything. I'm also going to start doing the squats again after using the restroom... That can get quite a few taken care of in a day lol!

I'm going to lighten up some recipes too, but I have to sneak it past the hubs, so he is unaware of what I'm doing... he's fully convinced that it won't taste good if it's not full of fat. Whatever. We will see about that! I plan on making soup from Scary's Kitchen tomorrow night and I can't wait to try it! I can't wait to see what else she comes up with :)

Talk to ya'll soon!