Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oops! It's been a while

Hey there! Sorry it's been a while, for anyone keeping track, I've had quite a few changes happen in the same week, and I'm trying to get mentally sorted lol.

First of all, I left 3rd shift! I am no longer working as a Patient Care Assistant,  as I had very different views of how patients should be treated. So, I stayed at the same facility but moved to the Dietary department.  In other words, I'm cooking for the patients and serving food. :) I'm already much happier. You would be surprised (or you might not) how boring 3rd shift is. I didn't really feel like I earned my paychecks. Show up, dink around on the interwebs, read, play cards and then you look up and its only 2 am...ugh.... soooo challenging right? Now though? I'm usually helping with lunch, then we work on dinner, there's serving, cooking, cleaning up, and done! The day moves so fast! And I get so much movement in too! I'm happy for the switch. :-)

Second change, because of the shift change, my sleep pattern has been thrown all out of wack. I'm trying to get it wrangled in, but my mind is stubborn (go figure). I'll get there though!
Third change, my husband's stupid dumbshit dog chewed the power cord to my laptop. It will be a while before I can replace it. That's one reason I haven't posted here lately, because doing so from my phone is super tedious. But! I'm doing this for me as much as you, dear friends, so I have to post something ;-).

Yet another change, I've changed my diet. I don't want to go into too much detail, because (again) it's tedious over the phone, but so far, it's awesome! Basically it's low carb, high fat (good fats... not bad ones). And in 3 days, I can already tell a difference. I'm excited to see what the next week brings!
Hopefully I'll see you soon!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Getting there

I can't believe we are already a week into May! Where has the time flown? I haven't blogged as much as I wanted to though, before now, but that's ok... I'll catch up. After I walked my 5k, I took it easy for a few days, because my legs were killing me. I did step it up again though. Not too much else going on though... 

I was doing really good not to eat any candy... and then it happened. Twix. Twix happened. Was it delicious? Eh.... Was it worth it? Eh..... So why did I do it? I have no idea. I think it's because it's about TOM, and that's why I'm craving chocolate... cause I don't want it really.... Really! Don't look at me that way! I've gotten t that point. But right now? I'm craving it... grrr.

Other than that though, I walked 15.9 miles last week! For my walk to Mordor (15.9/1779), I hit Stock Road at the 14.5 mile mark. Woo! I'm on my way to camping with the Elves!

As for my weight, I had posted on the SJ Facebook page that I got down to 178.6 during my mid-week weigh in (cause it's an obsession)... I knew, that probably wouldn't last though, but that's ok! Because I knew that I could do it! So, when it came time for my actual weigh in? 179.6! One pound in 3 days, when usually I go up much more? I'll take it! I'm super excited to see what comes next!

Thanks to everyone in my Shrinking Jeans group though! Without them, I would never had started, I would be sitting on my couch, 191 pounds, miserable, and wishing I would think to do something. 12 pounds might not seem like much in 5 months, but if I hadn't joined this group, it wouldn't have been anything at all. I'm super grateful for all of them! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Woo Hoo! Mayday!

I made it! Oh my gosh, I made it.... I walked a 5k... I can't believe it... I thought I was going to fall over. Wanna know what's worse? My dumbass had the car keys, so if for some reason I couldn't do it (like... I dunno, asthma problems, or got hit by a car) the hubs wouldn't be able to get to me easily! Geez!

BUT! I did it! And I didn't die either (bonus points for that one)! I realized something too, while I was walking... first of all... when I walk at work, I have to walk around the building 2 times to get about 3/4 of a mile, or 3 times for a mile. So I thought this task of a 5k would be pretty easy. But when I took off out my door, and walked halfway across town, and had just barely made it a mile, I thought two things... 1. Crap, this is really harder than I thought! and 2. Our town is too shittin' small! 

So I don't know if you can tell from these pictures, but on the left is the whole town, and on the right is my walk... I basically walked most of the town in 3.5 miles... Sad lol

So, I walked, and walked, and walked.... and eventually I made it. I actually walked a little bit further, because I'm a dingtard, and didn't know how far I should go, since the town is so small, so by the time I made it back to the house, it was actually 3.5 miles. :)

I'm going to recap a few things, for you, but mostly for me, because it's good to see where you've been... 

At the beginning of April, I was so close to giving up, as a matter of fact, I even blogged about it just 20 days ago. My my, how things can change! The day after easter, I started walking while at work during my breaks, one to two times a night, and upped my walking in general at work while on the unit. I made sure to get up and move around. I've been dancing at home, too. I haven't even had any candy in 2 days! So what was my final weigh in for April? 

April 1- 184.2
April 30-181

But honestly, I only started walking a week or so before the end of the month. I'm pretty pleased with that number. I also mentioned in the post where I almost quit that I had wanted to get in about 50 miles last month. Well? How about 57.5?? KABOOM! And the bestest part?? 31.5 of that was from when I started really committing the day after easter. That's 9 days. Ya heard me.... NINE. You know what that means? I can actually do this! Hot Damn!

I'm ready for what this next month will bring. I'm ready for my trip to Mordor and I'm ready to really kick some ass!