Friday, May 9, 2014

Getting there

I can't believe we are already a week into May! Where has the time flown? I haven't blogged as much as I wanted to though, before now, but that's ok... I'll catch up. After I walked my 5k, I took it easy for a few days, because my legs were killing me. I did step it up again though. Not too much else going on though... 

I was doing really good not to eat any candy... and then it happened. Twix. Twix happened. Was it delicious? Eh.... Was it worth it? Eh..... So why did I do it? I have no idea. I think it's because it's about TOM, and that's why I'm craving chocolate... cause I don't want it really.... Really! Don't look at me that way! I've gotten t that point. But right now? I'm craving it... grrr.

Other than that though, I walked 15.9 miles last week! For my walk to Mordor (15.9/1779), I hit Stock Road at the 14.5 mile mark. Woo! I'm on my way to camping with the Elves!

As for my weight, I had posted on the SJ Facebook page that I got down to 178.6 during my mid-week weigh in (cause it's an obsession)... I knew, that probably wouldn't last though, but that's ok! Because I knew that I could do it! So, when it came time for my actual weigh in? 179.6! One pound in 3 days, when usually I go up much more? I'll take it! I'm super excited to see what comes next!

Thanks to everyone in my Shrinking Jeans group though! Without them, I would never had started, I would be sitting on my couch, 191 pounds, miserable, and wishing I would think to do something. 12 pounds might not seem like much in 5 months, but if I hadn't joined this group, it wouldn't have been anything at all. I'm super grateful for all of them! 


  1. Way to go! I was in the same boat as you and stole some of the kids Smarties (the Canadian candy-coated chocolate kind not the American sugar pill kind). I hid from my scale though.

  2. You are doing a great job Becka!!! Keep up the good work. There will always be those days, but it not letting them get the better of you and keep pushing forward. This is truly lifestyle change. :)