Saturday, August 30, 2014


Did I just slide into bad habits for a few days? Yes. Did I regret it? Hell yes. 

Here's the scoop: Last Saturday, after eating LCHF all day, my hubby and I went to go eat sushi. I love sushi. I knew I had been good all day, so I could splurge my carbs on some yummy yummy deliciousness. And I did. And it was amazing. Sushi is just.... just..... mmmmmmmmmm

But then, on Sunday, after being good for the whole morning into afternoon, I had to go to a function for my daughter. It took a long time. So long, in fact, that my dear sweet hubby decided to order pizza for delivery for dinner. I was tired that day (worked from 5am to 1:30pm) and he says "I didn't know what to do, so I ordered. What are you going to eat for dinner?" I understand. He was being thoughtful for himself and the kids, and for me so I didn't have to cook. And being brain dead like I was... I said "Duh... pizza." yeah... duh.

On Monday, I was feeling sick (carbs do not sit well with me anymore), and I wasn't in a caring mood. I ate some corn bread that I had made for the facility, and I was eating this cheesecake stuff. I actually thought that was LCHF approved, because when I last made it, it was just cream cheese, heavy whipping cream and splenda... but NO! Whoever had made it had done half splenda, half powdered sugar. So, I had been unknowingly shoveling sugar in my face for hours... on top of the corn bread. I didn't care though... I was tired. For dinner, it was red beans and rice. Yes, I ate that too. 

3 days. Just 3 little days. And I gained 5lbs. REALLY!!??? 5 fucking lbs! *Spastic freak out ensued*

So... Tuesday morning, I wiped my tears, mentally slapped myself in the face and told myself to get my shit together. I started all over again with my LCHF eating. Made sure to not stray so much as an iota off my path. It was hard.... so hard to do again. This time, I got leg cramps and a little bit flu-y (is that even a word? It is now...). I didn't get that the first time round, although most do. It just really drove it home that I don't need to go through this again. 

Sure, we all slip up. We all have a little bit of what we aren't supposed to... but when you let it go for a few days, it's more than just a little slip up. It's the start of a full blown back slide. You can either let it happen, or take control. Thankfully, I didn't let my old self out of the trunk that I've stuffed the fat bitch into, and I took control. Who needs cheesecake and rice and junk? Not I!

So, it's been a week since that fateful sushi date. I've dropped the 5lbs I gained through stupidity, and hopefully I will continue my (slowly) ever downward decent in weight.

Thanks for being there to listen... if you stayed this long... it was a long post today lol, I would understand if you couldn't hang. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Waiting for my Woosh........

What the hell is a "woosh" you ask? Well, it's like this: Your fat cells start to lose weight, but they don't want to... so they start hoarding water, right (i.e. water weight)? And then after a while, you lose that too. Now, the thing is... this can happen several times over the course of your weight loss. 

Most people, when they start a low carb diet, or any diet really, they get a huge woosh of water weight off the top. Why is that? Well, if you go from eating fast food every day, with cokes and fries (you can possibly eat up to 2000 or more calories a day) and start eating whole foods, cut the soda and cut the rest of the junk, you will drop your calories and lose some quick weight. Most of the water is inflammation. Once you adjust to your new way of eating, your body kind of regulates, and the weight loss is more measured. 

As I have said, I have lost about 15 lbs (on low carb... a total of 23 since 1/1). I started doing a variation of low carb, there for a while, called Carb Night Solution. The idea is that your body could stall out on low carb (even though mine hadn't) and so you need to load up on carbs about 1 night a week (going from about 30g to about 300ish) and it's supposed to help you drop the pounds. I did this for a month. I lost nothing. In fact, I actually gained back about 2 lbs. So! I'm done with that!

I have been back to eating low carb/high fat, and even though it will take some time for those pesky carbs to work their way completely out of my system, I'm hoping for a woosh soon. Since I haven't seen any real weight loss in a while, it would be nice anyway! So, here's hoping!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I can't believe it!

So, I should have thought of this on Monday, but I didn't... so sue me (please don't, I'm broke). I have officially been on my LCHF (low carb/high fat) diet for 3 months. I have been trying to track the changes best I can... scale, measuring, etc. And while I have done a good job of it, seeing it sometimes takes a ton of effort. I KNOW I am looking better, because people are commenting on it. But sometimes I still feel like the shubbly person I was before. 

So today I was cleaning my room, and I found my corset that I wear during my visits to the Renaissance Fair that happens ever May. I have been feeling goofy all day, so I thought "What the hell?" Last time I wore it was the day before I started my diet. So this is a good solid indicator that I'm doing well!

*Please note, I would never EVER actually wear the corset with the grey shirt...

Needless to say, there have been some improvements. I showed this picture to my hubby and he just said "Yeah? That's what I've been telling you for weeks." OH. Well, shit... lol. Guess it's sunk in now! I still have about 30 lbs to go, but I'm excited to see the transformation on the way! I'm hoping to get there by my birthday, which is about 4 months away. That's only about 6.5 lbs a month... I might or might not make it. So long as my progress goes down, I'm happy. :)

Thanks to you all for your support! Hopefully I can support you as well as you have supported me. Thank you!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Am Powerful!

Or at least, I have power once again lol. I have a new laptop cord! If the dog gets this one though, I think I will have to beat her.... I just don't know. Ok, not really... but it's super frustrating! I hadn't had my laptop back for very long (it had been broken for like.... 3 years) and a co-worker fixed it for me. So to have her munch the cord so soon after getting it back... UGH!! 

But I'm back now. I just wanted to say this, and that I will be posting more as a result of the cord. 

P.S.  I will probably be creating a new blog, that will go along with my Youtube channel. As soon as I do, I will let everyone (all 5 of you?) know!

Thanks so much!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Still technologically disadvantaged but...

So, it's not been quite a month. If I had my laptop, it would be waaay more often. Damn dog. But in a (small) way, her chewing up my power cord was kinda good. See, it was plugged in to my computer. So when she chewed it, it shocked the shit out of herself (not the good part) and she hasn't gone near a cord since (that's the good part). I had lost so many phone cords, DVD cables, DS power cords to this dog, that she was bound to screw up at some point.
So I digress! For those of you that don't know... I started a YouTube Channel to show off my (spastic) culinary skills. I'm still following the LCHF lifestyle, and some people have asked me for recipes and such... so, that's why I started it. You can find my channel here.
I am still not as active as I would like to be. If it weren't for my job, I wouldn't get as much exercise as I do. I wear my phone as a pedometer at work (not the most accurate tracker but still) and I get anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 miles a day. So that's something! I walked a total of 99.4 miles for July. Pretty impressive!
My current weight, as of today, is 167.4. Thats just shy of 24 lbs gone in 8 months. But! 10 of that took 5.5 months to lose, while I dicked around about getting serious. The other 14(ish) is since LCHF and that has only been 2.5 months. So either way, it's coming off slowly, but I'm ok with that. I'm averaging about 4-5lbs a month... but I could potentially meet my goal by the end of the year at that rate. So I'm happy. I'll just keep on keeping on.
When I get a power cord, I will update more often and possibly start doing recipes and such too. We will see!
Thanks for hanging with me!!