Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend was a bust

So I had high hopes for the weekend! The kids were going to be gone, the hubs was going to be at work, I was going to have the house to myself; I was going to get out there and start jogging. Well.... not so much. Friday night, I caught the stomach virus that my daughter had the night before, and it's just now wearing off. I haven't been able to eat more than one small (very small) meal a day, mostly brothy soupy stuff without being able to keep it down. It's been awful. On the upside, I've dropped a few extra pounds because of it. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but dang it, I haven't been able to exercise, so I will take it! I will post official numbers Wednesday though, like I'm supposed to.

This week the weather goes psycho again, with a wild roller coaster ranging from 60 to 30 and back again all week long. It's going to make jogging harder, but I will try to time my jogging days for the warm ones and hope the weather men aren't wrong (HAHA). Anyway, fluids, fluids, fluids! Hope everyone else is feeling alright!


  1. Oh no, not the flu! Take care of yourself.. the exercising will still be there when you are better. And good luck with the weather, we are supposed to get a dump of snow tonight too!

    1. No, I only wish it was the flu! It was much worse lol... Thanks Andy! Hope you weather the storm!

  2. Stomach bugs are the worst! Take care and make sure you get your water in! Hope you are feeling better by now!