Friday, February 28, 2014

Just Kidding?

So, I totally said I was ready to start fresh, get things going, get back in the saddle, and all that jazz. Then "things" happened. So, I'm going to do this, I'm trying for Saturday, March 1st. That gives me 2 months before I want to go to California. That is also 3 months of PROCRASTINATION, but what are you gonna do, when you seem to be a master at it? Seriously... I should have like a degree in it or something. Oh wait.... it did take me 2 extra years to get my degree. Dammit.

Okay! So! Game Face! Shit is going to go down, and it's going to be real! I can't be this way forever, nor do I want to be.

Thanks for all the support guys!!


  1. Join in with us on T25 you got 4 weeks to make a difference and this makes a HUGE difference in that amount of time. Start Monday XXX

  2. Those damn things get in the way every time. Today shall be your day to end your procrastination and take hold of your journey and future healthier self. Here's to March! :)