Monday, February 24, 2014

Fell off the wagon?? Pretty much broke it....

So, the plan was to get my collective shit together while I was off work. I was going to work on some things at home, and take time to do some me stuff. Well..... I guess that kind've worked... I did absolutely nothing for 5 days. Like, I did dishes when needed, and did some rudimentary cleaning... but nothing like I wanted to. I watched lots of TV and read a book, and played games with the kids. Oh, and I slept... a lot. It was awesome! 

But it's all okay! I think this benefited me more so than anything I set forth a few days ago. I needed to do nothing. It was liberating! But after eating absolutely everything I could lay my mitts on, and not tracking a single thing... and not doing ANY exercise... I'm pretty much ready to start again. My MFP food log starts at midnight, so I'm going to keep track starting then. But I'm ready, and I'm excited, and I'm going to do this to the best of my ability. I'll post my weight on Wednesday, although I'm pretty sure that I've gained a ton... But I need the accountability now. 

I'm back, baby!


  1. You totally got this!! We got this. We can do this. You can. I can. I need

  2. Sometimes we need those little breaks "off the wagon" to enjoy some ME time. Here's to getting back to it!!! :)

  3. Everyone needs a reset sometimes. Welcome back!