Friday, December 27, 2013


Big surprise, I haven't been to a gym in a long time. I know I need to go, or do something at home... or walk... but I have just had "other things" to do. Did you know I once sat in my car and "Pinned" things on Pinterest for an hour? That was just last week... but I never seem to have time to do something about my health. Know the funny thing? I have a Board for Yoga, Inspiration, Running, and Juicing/Smoothies. And yet, I still haven't started anything... anything!

So I decided, like I said in my last post, to start on January 1st. And how does one begin such a journey? Get rid off all the crap in the house. Makes sense right? Maybe not eat it all though... but still, it doesn't need to be there. I think I will clear out my fridge and cupboards this weekend, kind of a "Spring Cleaning" come early kind of thing. I'll post how that all goes soon!

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