Saturday, December 6, 2014

Let's just call this "Sadly failed Saturday," shall we?

Oh man, oh man!! Have I just really failed all my goals this week or what? I totally meant to post on Wednesday, but I had to take my mom shopping and that literally took ALL DAY. So I then meant to do it Thursday (my birthday), but I had to take my mom out again. That, too, took ALL DAY. I don't even know what happened to Friday. But I need to get my ass back on track (in more ways than one).

So, let's just cut to the chase, shall we? Because, frankly, I'm at a loss for this whole week, and I need to get my shit together and form a better plan. One that I can be more consistent with.

Blog: 2 times to get back into the swing of things. (Fail!)
Vlog: Film 3 videos, and post at least twice a week. (Fail! But in my defense, I usually do these on my days off... so I'm going to work on some tomorrow... but I only posted once last week.)
Book: *New Goal: Start a new book and get at least 6 chapters read. (Fail!! Will get on it this week)
Diet: No more cheating, back on track. Track with MFP at least 4 days this week. (I have decided to remove this from my goals. I will come up with something else though, for this area. What could I do instead?)
Fitness: Try to get 8000 steps a day, even on my off days. (Failed...again. I'm starting to think these goals are not good for me lol.)

Weight: Unknown. I started a new challenge, and can't weigh til the 1st of January. I'M DYING and it's only day 6. Ugh!

What are some goals that you work on? 


  1. My goal is to get rid of my belly fat I need to change my diet, and workout. The last day or so have lacked the motivation, but I am not discouraged because I will get back on the horse, and do it all over again. So I will not beat myself up.

    1. Good for you! I think beating yourself will only have one effect... to make you feel bad. But you know what? We are only human. Get back on that horse and ride baby! Might only take you to the next stop, but it is still forward progress.

  2. I think all of your goals boil down to just 2 - being happy and healthy! Don't sweat the small stuff.